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Design your life

I believe that we are all here to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Too often we are told, especially as a child, to behave in a certain way, to do things in a certain way, or to follow a parent or grand-parents path to earn a “decent” income to provide for yourself and your family.

And yet I see so many unhappy people, trying to fit themselves into a mold that was never meant to fit them.

We hide our true uniqueness in order to “fit in”

So let’s work together to uncover your dream life – stand up and shine as you are truly meant to do

Work with me – either one on one, in a group environment. In person or online

Design your dream life

Whilst in the thick of my personal healing, both physically and emotionally, Coral helped me to process some really big stuff through distant healing. It’s incredible what she picks up, and we weren’t even in the same  room, house or suburb. She holds beautiful safe space and I’d recommend her distant healing if you need some fresh accurate insight, comfort, release and support for your healing journey 

 Kate Emmerson – Author, life coach, speaker 

I know most of you have at one time or another done a vision board. Yesterday I spent the day with a very special friend, Petro Kotze and Coral Bell who ran the Dream Mapping workshop. It was profoundly different to anything I have ever experienced or expected. Even now I’m at a loss to explain how WONDERFUL it was. Suffice to say the NEXT time I post about this, don’t think, don’t hesitate – GO!!

Helen Mouton

I started seeing Coral Bell, an energy therapist, a few years ago. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping (gently touching areas on the face and neck), Coral has helped me to move forward with my life and to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  After just a few sessions, many people commented that I looked so much happier. I also felt so much lighter because I learnt that I do not need to take on everybody else’s problems and that I can say “no” and still lead a normal life!  She has also helped me to lessen a great deal of my physical pain in my body – a great deal of which is caused by emotional baggage.

Coral is an extraordinary woman who really cares about her clients and I believe that she has made a huge impact in many areas of my life. Her strict confidentiality, being a qualified pharmacist as well as a lay preacher and a ‘normal’ down to earth mother and wife, all endeared her to me.


Thank you so much for the Aura Reading.  It was so on the button, I could not believe how accurate your reading was. I loved the comment about treading gently on the Earth and my Hands that are Healing Hands or Heart.I recommend Coral and her divine gift to all who are looking for Healing.  She is indeed Blessed.

Much Love Always and Blessings      

Holly Davis

“Coral’s aura drawing was so accurate. She did not ask for any information from me beforehand and everything she said and felt was spot on. She gave me valuable insight and tips to work with. Her response to a question that I had in response was wonderful confirmation for what I have been feeling. In fact I got goosebumps when I read it! I keep the drawing and her reading in my diary to remind myself daily. Thank you Coral, you are a highly gifted intuitive and have really helped me.”

Amazing how our paths have crossed again. I am so grateful to you, I cannot find the words!

Hugs    Di

SIlver Tent Calender 2018

Silver Tent Calendar 2018

I am proud to share with you that I have the image here featured on the Silver Tent Calendar for 2018. There are still some available for purchase.

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I provide coaching and healing services to people who have reached a barrier and cannot find their way around it.

The barrier could be something that has kept you safe for years – but now its no longer serving you and you feel this yearning deep inside you to change.

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