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My name is Coral Bell.


I help Spiritual Entrepreneurs Package + Present their business, so that they can stop pulling their hair out and stressing as to why they are not attracting paying clients

Is this you?

  • Not getting paying clients, despite getting FaceBook engagement
  • People happily sign up for the freebie offerings –  but they aren’t prepared to pay
  • Trying so many different variations
  • Worrying and feeling disheartened when no-one takes your offer
  • 3 – 2 – 1 ……LAUNCH   ——–CRICKETS!
  • Feeling unheard and unseen, no matter how hard you  work


If so, then let’s tackle this together!

I’ve done the courses, chased my tail trying to figure out the “magic formula”.

Maybe you are here because you just feel frustrated with how your life is working – or not working – at this point in time. Maybe you are here because you are so tired of waking up and thinking “Is this all there is to life?”. Maybe you are here out of curiosity, that’s OK too! And maybe you are here because you are desperate for something to change and have no idea how to achieve that change.




  • I have studied various healing modalities, starting with Reiki and doing pretty much any course I could get my hands on
  • I think I look fairly “normal” and don’t have a black cat, witches hat or broom to use on full moon nights
  • Aside from coaching and healing my other interest are photography and creating beautiful pictures from the photos
  • I love nature and will happily spend my leisure time at the beach, wandering along a mountain stream or staring off into the bush for that elusive wild animal (we have an abundance of areas to view game in their natural habitat)

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