Your fur-baby

So you bought yourself a cute puppy – soft, fluffy, mmmmhh that puppy breath!  And - teeth like razors! Life has changed – no more long lazy Saturday mornings snoozing in bed . Because if you don’t get up and take your four-legged bundle of energy for a walk, the rug,...

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What if…..?

What if......? I have this idea tickling in the back of my mind, sparked off by listening to a re-broadcast from a few years back of an incoming hurricane set to do massive damage to the American landscape. What if the TV presenters and Newscasters didn't use all the...

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A Creative Journey

  I would love to invite everyone on a creative journey with me, you don’t need to pack more than your sense of humour, ditch your need for perfectionism and “getting it right”, grab some paper and pencils to start with and we are off! If you have never done any...

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Blog Hop

This week I’m doing something a little different! Nicola Holland took part in a blog hop that’s spreading across the globe of artists and I have decided to join in! It’s a simple, mini self-interview that sticks it’s beak under the hoods of artist’s lives and the way...

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