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I would love to invite everyone on a creative journey with me, you don’t need to pack more than your sense of humour, ditch your need for perfectionism and “getting it right”, grab some paper and pencils to start with and we are off! If you have never done any drawing I will gently guide you through the basic steps, so you feel more confident! From there on it’s a matter of practise and learning new techniques to put together things that please you, works of art that can hang on your walls, become gifts for others, or just to simply give yourself pleasure of creating something unique!

Most people don’t associate creativity with happiness as the first thought on creativity is something artistic and I have heard the “I cannot even draw a stick figure” wail so often! But creativity is not about drawing only, or even stick figures! We create each moment of the day and night, just by being alive we create! Just because there is this specific label for creativity we tend to think it has to be something special and often difficult too, but it’s as easy as breathing! (Which we do without even thinking about it!)

I have recently been playing with this concept, and especially like the journey part of this. We are all on a journey and like the journey we go on for a holiday, it starts the moment we decide to take the journey. But it’s not just reserved for the special occasions and holiday, we are on a daily journey to discover more of who we are and what makes us happy.

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