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you’re living the life you have only ever dreamed of.

You get to do what you enjoy every day… you’ve met your goals and changed your life and fulfilled your dreams… You feel excited and inspired by what lies ahead for you.

You’re happy, content and motivated to meet each new day.


This isn’t wishful thinking…



if you had a plan to outline the steps you need to take to achieve that life and all things you have wished for yourself?



Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING?

To know that you are on the path to having your wildest and most inspired goals becoming a reality?

Imagine you have been magically gifted with “THE ANSWER” to living your best life… What would it look like?


your answers to these questions at

Have you had one of those quiet moments where you suddenly think:


When it occurs to you that you’re bored by the day-to-day rhythm of the passing time which constitutes your existence…


Growing up you probably day-dreamed about all sorts of things, had imaginary friends, believed in fairies and unicorns and dreamed that your life would be different, special and all your dreams would come true.


You hadn’t realised that slowly, over time, your dreams had faded. That you’d had to “get real” and grow up, get a job, raise a family and be a responsible adult.


Life was suddenly serious and you did what was necessary to survive. You paid the rent, did the shopping, cooked and did the washing up. Next thing you realised, you were the one who had all the responsibility, taking care of kids and parents, the household and the school run, homework… the endless list leaves you feeling exhausted. Jaded. Dull.

What would it take to feel inspired again?

What if you dug out your old dreams and dusted them off? What if you breathed
new life into them and allowed yourself to flourish, just like you dreamed you
would? What would change?

… all the tools you need to create inspired change in your

is perfect for you if:

• You know something in your life
needs to change
• You feel as if you are “stuck in a rut”
• Life feels dull and uninspiring
• It feels as if change is impossible 

It’s the next step on your journey to living an inspired life

This life changing one-day workshop will help you to go from frustration and boredom to a life of possibility and inspiration.
After following this process myself and finding out how easily I could live my own WILDLY INSPIRED GOALS in real life, I decided that I’d love to help you live a life that inspires and excites you too.


is a one-day experiential workshop that will give you:

  • Your own vision board to inspire and remind you of your goals
  • A workbook with a written version of your vision
  • Tools, tips and tricks to keep your dreams and goals in focus
  • Reminders on how to achieve your goals.


The format of the day is as follows:

Start – 09:00am
Brief introduction and chat
Short relaxation exercise and meditation
Create your own Vision Board
Discovering your Dream Life
Explore how to work with your Dream Life
Uncover what else you can do in your Dream Life
Finish – 5:30pm
There will be:

Plenty of tea/coffee breaks,
Time to stretch your legs
A lunch break – (please bring your own packed lunch)
Fruit and muffins or biscuits provided

Change can be scary…

Yet it only takes a moment to create a change – so take a deep
breath and jump in!
Committing to change can be a scary step, if you’d like to chat about
this, email me here, and we can schedule a time to chat, either in person or via Skype

By the end of this workshop you will have a clearly outlined
plan for your life. As well as tools, tips and tricks to keep
you on track to your newly designed life.

Who is your facilitator?

I’m Coral Bell and I help my clients design the life of their
I have been running these workshops since 2015 on a monthly
I’ve spent 14 years working 1-on-1 with my clients, helping
them overcome stumbling blocks and healing themselves and
challenging situations in their lives.
I love helping women realise that they can be more than just their
9-5 job-mom-wife-girlfriend or daughter roles. We’re so used to
putting everyone else before us, suppressing our inner yearnings,
not always recognising what we need to flourish.
I encourage people see their world differently – to experience
being present in every moment and open to the beauty in their
own lives.

I help you remember what it’s like to run in the rain,

kick a pile of autumn leaves

and to have moments of pure fun and joy.


I know most of you have at one time or another done a
vision board. Yesterday I spent the day with a very special
friend, and Coral Bell who ran the Dream Mapping workshop.
It was profoundly different to anything I have ever
experienced or expected. Even now I’m at a loss to explain
how WONDERFUL it was. Suffice to say the NEXT time I
post about this, don’t think, don’t hesitate – GO!!
Helen Mouton

Thank you for today I really enjoyed it. Was nice to meet
the other ladies too. You were great at being a facilitator

A huge “thank you” for a wonderful day today – such great
sharing and learning. I am most grateful that you invited
me to be part of the workshop.

Thank you so much for a VERY inspiring day.

Thank you so much for a VERY inspiring day.

Thank you for today I really enjoyed it. Was nice to meet
the other ladies too. You were great at being a facilitator

Feedback from one of my workshop participants:
She has landed a new job that allows her to follow her passion in the morning and then get paid for the
work she does in the afternoon! “I am sure your workshop had something to do with it… made me believe
that I am being recognised for my experience + knowledge so thank you”


Refund Policy
Once your booking is confirmed it can only be transferred once to another date, provided I receive
24-hours notice that you will not be able to attend your selected date.

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