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Someone posed a question – not sure if it was a Facebook post or a casual remark, but it made me realise that I’ve not been clear in the way I have presented my art and healing.

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While they can be seen as two very different and separate abilities, and one can exist without the other, when the cross-over of the two happen, that’s when the magic happens!

Most of us think we are not creative, much less artistic! We all have our own vision of what it looks like to be an “Artist” and seldom think that vision applies to ourselves. But we all used some form of art as children, messing about with paints in junior or nursery school, even playing with mud, grass and sticks, or the excitement of floating a paper “boat” down a stream or any running water for that matter! So yes, there is an artist in each and every one of us. And when we allow that artistic side to express itself, things start to change. First of all we give ourselves permission to “try” something new and different. Often, yes, we are very critical of our own efforts and will scrap them and may even be tempted to stop. But I’d urge you to continue, and explore further. Even better find some people who are happy to explore with you, or introduce you to new ideas and experiences!

And the healing begins at a very subtle level, as we grow more confident and try new things, our self-confidence grows too! And this shows in the work we do, if you care to experiment and date your “works of art”, you can look back later and see the progress and the confidence in “solid visible form” as it were.

There is also another level to the healing of art, and that is the fact that the artist can deliberately capture a mood, feeling or energy, that is transmitted via the painting, photograph or drawing to the viewer. It could evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, loneliness or contentment; whatever the artist intended to capture and portray, not only by the choice of subject matter but by the almost hidden message in the work itself!

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When I teach art classes, I am not just showing the student how to shade, shape and form something, but encouraging and helping them to try something new and different. I would rather demonstrate a technique to a person than actually work on their piece of work, so that it becomes solely “theirs”! I also teach people techniques to overcome their fears and uncertainty when presented with something challenging to create. And then there is the aspect of relaxation – we become so engrossed in what we are doing right in front of us, that time and other problems disappear, even if for a little while. And when we have to step back into the everyday world again, we feel better able to cope, better able to assume the mantel and role that we have assigned ourselves in the “real world”.

And on the healing aspect – I have studied many different modalities, and created my own blend, based mainly on my intuitive abilities. I can work with a person in the same room, or someone on the other side of the world. For me the most amazing feeling is when a client “gets” that feeling of release and change in their bodies, their faces (and their souls) light up. So often I wished for a before & after photo of a client, to show them the differences that I can see, in how their faces light up and relax!

How does creativity show up in your life? How can you use more creativity in your life? I would love to know your thoughts too!

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