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Intuitive Coaching

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Here I have managed to put together all of my work, and myself, in one place! I have integrated both the healing work I do and the creative work that I love!

So here it all is, and I feel as if the majority of “me” is here and available for the world to see!

My idea is to help people see their world differently, to see and feel and be present in every moment of their lives. To remember what it’s like to run in the rain, kick a pile of autumn leaves and to have moments of pure fun and joy.

I am an Intuitive Coach who helps women who know that there is more to life than the routine of the day. I work with women who want to explore the other part of themselves, which is often hidden away during the “hours of work” and earning a salary.


I believe that everyone has the ability and capability to love themselves for who they are; that they can learn to trust in their own innate abilities and to listen to the small inner voice that we so often ignore.


As strange as it may seem, our bodies send us messages all the time, giving us feed-back as to what is happening “beneath the surface”. By learning to listen to and take note of these messages, we can lead healthier happier lives. The majority of pain and disease has its roots in suppressed emotions and feelings. Through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping and other energy techniques, many areas of pain and disease are cleared. While it is seldom appropriate to yell and scream at someone, by finding the emotions that cause us to feel that this is the only recourse and neutralising these emotions, things can be quickly and easily managed.

Part of helping people see and do things differently is helping them to manage their anger, or to decrease their pain levels. Sometimes we don’t realise how the emotions that we have kept to ourselves has influenced our physical bodies. After all, how can feeling sad about an event in our lives – which we probably don’t even recall – have any way of creating pain in our body? These events can be relatively minor, or something major that we remember every waking moment!

Fill the Gap – the “WHAT” of finding your happy place


This program can be used alone or as part of another course

Firstly – how would you even know there is something missing, that there is a gap?

  • Do any of these apply to you?
  • It’s a feeling –that something isn’t quite right, something undefined is missing
  • Soul itch or urge
  • A feeling that there must be more to my daily existence than just ‘this’
  • Not feeling fulfilled
  • An emptiness that nothing can fill, not food, music, movies or books!


As we embark on this process we will use the following tools to assist us

  • Dream Map – a vision board with POW!
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) and Neurokinesis
  • Coloring in pages
  • Allowing child-like curiosity
  • De-stress techniques
  • Learn to tap into your own intuitive abilities

If you would like to book a discovery session with me, via Skype or Zoom, please click here for an appointment

Find your Happy Place – a journey of change

This is a 12 week course – that allows you to gently move from where you are to where you would like to be!  You are supported at each step along the way by myself and the community that have gone before you. The path is easy to follow, and gentle.

The following is a brief outline of the modules of this course

  • Define you why – this is what will keep you motivated
  • Create a destination – where do you want to be when this course is completed?
  • What to take with you on this journey, and what to leave behind
  • Self-care – what does this look like, feel like?
  • What to do about anxiety and worry
  • How to keep motivated
  • Learning to be in touch with your intuition, conquer fears
  • Half-way mark – what’s changed and how to keep going
  • What to do when you feel vulnerable and where to find support
  • Acknowledge your progress
  • Celebrate reaching your destination

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