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I know exactly what it feels like when you have this inner yearning to use your gifts to help people. After all, you figure, if you have these talents there must be a reason that you have them, surely?

So you start out, doing what you can, contacting people, asking friends and slowly build up a client base. Yipppeee – you think, this is working! I can use these gifts and talents that I have.


And then slowly things dwindle, for no real reason. It isn’t anything that you have done or not done. It’s actually growth. Your Soul wants you to grow bigger, not to stay small. To stop playing small

But you haven’t got that message – you think that the next best thing is to do another course, maybe that will switch things up? Or you go for a reading. Maybe that will work. Heck, by now you are ready to try ANYTHING! And yes, you do the course, you learn new techniques that will serve you and in turn help you work with your clients. The reading provides insight, but not THE ANSWER that you are looking for. Because surely, THE ANSWER will arrive with flashing neon lights, a fan-fare or something equally earth-shattering?

So you then decide – another way…. Ah yes – an email arrives or a Facebook post – that inspires you! And you follow the next shiny object. That may be a coach, another course, a mastermind group. There is nothing wrong with any of that – it will help you to grow.


But THE ANSWER you seek …..

Is inside of you!

Yeah, I know, you didn’t want to hear that, did you?

Follow your passion they say, what lights you up? And still you don’t have THE ANSWER!

OMG – this is sooo frustrating.

How do I know?

Been there – done that – Several dozen times over, and over and over! Even creating packages, courses, workshops, events. Heck, they didn’t even fire me up, so how would my clients feel? Well, to be honest when I first put the course or whatever together, I would be excited, happy that I had THE ANSWER! But that quickly faded, because it wasn’t following my passion.

So how did I find my passion? What flicked the final switch for me?

Well first off – hats off to my fabulous coach(Crystal A. Davis) – she certainly deserves a medal – (and by now a nice quiet corner to rock gently, with soothing sounds and a soft blankie!). I honestly don’t know how she managed to keep going with me. I would have fired me long ago!

I threw my toys a number of times, had a “roast guide on a spit” party on several occasions and resorted to sessions with the punch bag! Tearing things down and moving things around became the norm. (I am sure my other half expected to come home one day to find the place completely upside-down!) Shredded pages, torn up flipcharts, notebooks tossed. I became the recycling man’s best customer!

My coach first suggested to me – help people like you find your ideal client and teach them how to package the present their business to paying clients! Guess who rejected that idea – me – I cannot do that, I wailed! (Probably some dark part of me that surfaced to reject exactly what it was that I really needed to focus on and do!) After several hours of ranting and recycling, tears and lots of anger, I calmed down. I realized that this is exactly what I needed to do! Wow – how simple it seemed!

So now, to all the newbie, Spiritual Online Business Entrepreneurs – I have THE ANSWER!


I have ironed out the kinks in so many packages, held Strategy calls until I could do them in my sleep! And best of all – booked PAYING clients! It’s not an easy path, it takes guts and determination. But you have probably spent hours and many $$$ getting to where you are now. It isn’t working as things are now, so let’s change that!

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