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You know there’s more to life. In fact you’re pretty sure of it, Oprah says there is...

But you’ve read all the self help books you can think of and still you feel like life is a drag and you’re merely treading water. You often wonder what’s missing. What is the magic ingredient to happiness and a joy-filled life that you’re not aware of.

Scroll down to take the Quiz and find out which area of your life is missing some vital zing. I will email you some ideas, hints and tips to start getting back that zing straight away!

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1. It’s 1pm, the house is quiet. Even the TV has been switched off. What do you  do next?
2. You hear your alarm going off and you know it’s time to start your day.
3. The last time is cried was….
4. Having a voice – does what you say matter?
5. Do you have a support network, friends or even a tribe?
6. What does your ideal day look like?
7. What are holiday times like for you?
8. How is your work-life balance?
9. How do you manage your “me time”?