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Animal Communication – what does your pet need you to know?


Earlier this week I had a request to assist with communicating with a friend’s dog, to ask the dog what he wanted regarding surgery or alternative healing for an injury.

When I first chatted to him he thought I was going to speak to a cat, and indicated I wasn’t there to speak to him. When I shared that indeed I was there for him, he was happy to “converse”. I explained that his mom was concerned about his injury and would he prefer surgery or an alternative method of healing? Surgery would mean 3 weeks to 6 months of him being inactive, which was his biggest concern. In fact his most pressing concern was how he would negotiate the steps in order to go outside!

After checking in with his mom,we agreed that alternative healing was the way to go. Today is his first appointment for this, I am excited to see how things progress.


Later that same day I was asked to chat to a cat, who is normally very selective who she interacts with. Her mom and dad are going out of the country for a few months, and wanted to be certain that she was aware of the arrangements and whether she needed anything else to help her while they were away. Although she was reluctant to see them go, we established what she needed in order to be comfortable while they are away. Happy kitty and happy mom and dad.



At the base of a Baobab tree in the Timbavati Reserve area

This isn’t my first venture into animal communication. I originally attended an animal communication module as part of my learning at the Academy of Metaphysics. In  2007 I attended an animal communication workshop with Wynter Wortsthorne to visit the Timbavati lions near Hoedspruit, Mpumalanga. Not only did we interact with the lions, but also other animals around in the bush. Although we were not allowed to take photos of the lion, there is this beautiful photo of a giraffe that “popped” in to take a closer look at me! Luckily I had my camera to hand!

giraffeIf you would like me to chat to your pet, be it feathered, furry, scaled or finned, I am happy to do so. My rates are $40 for a single pet with a written report. Email me on for details.


Please note – these photos of the dogs and cat are not the ones I communicated with, but merely for illustration!



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