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What if……?

I have this idea tickling in the back of my mind, sparked off by listening to a re-broadcast from a few years back of an incoming hurricane set to do massive damage to the American landscape. What if the TV presenters and Newscasters didn’t use all the emotion in their voices, how much do their voices influence what is potentially a disaster about to happen? What if everyone had been asked to send love and healing vibrations to the targeted area – would the damage have been less?

And now there are more predictions for “natural disasters” for this month. What if we all send healing and love and calm vibrations to these areas, will we be able to minimise the effects?

I pass by a small stream every morning on my way to work, and it looked blocked and not really healthy at all. I have started sending the water love every time I cross is. Has this made a difference – I can’t say at this stage! But it certainly won’t do any harm. Dr Emoto used many experiments to prove how our thoughts can influence the water, whether it’s near at hand or on the other side of the world.

So my part in “paying it forward” is to send love to each body of water that I pass – who knows. What if it makes a difference…..?


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