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Unleash the gold in people & animals

Find the hidden gold and let it shine for all to see.

I have been quiet the last few weeks and decided that I would like to tell you why and what I have been processing, deciding, cogitating and generally planning!

I felt stifled, not growing, not making a difference the way I intended to make a difference and not reaching the people I felt I needed to reach to help make a difference. Coupled to that I was trying to make a success of my business, so I often had my “Business Hat” on, which resulted in many tears of frustration, hours of pushing and striving and nothing to show for it – except elevated levels of stress.


I kept looking to other people for the answers, going from one person to another until one day I got a big wake up call. It wasn’t pleasant, I felt like I had been slapped hard. I cried buckets of tears.  I wanted to pack it all in and just be a number, a “nobody special”, ordinary.


That weekend I took a long hard look at things. I know deep in my heart that I am good at what I do. I have helped numerous people overcome various problems in life and seen the changes happen. And I love working with animals as much as I love working with people.

I could not give up, but I had to find another way to do this work. The only way was to show up as myself, no fancy business disguise, power suited with a fixed smile in place. That isn’t me.

So things have taken a slightly different path. The work I do is the same, I am the same. I am just not trying to be someone else, or borrow other people’s ideas of how things “should” look and feel. I can breathe more freely, smile a whole lot more and my shoulders aren’t in a knot around my ears!

While I was looking for way to keep going, I played around with concepts, words and ideas. If it made sense and felt good, it stayed. If not – recycle bin! And I struggled what to call the work I do, it’s simple and complex at the same time. If I am asked and list all the things I do, I would get a glazed look from the person that I was speaking to. So it needed to be short, to the point and easy to understand.

And because terms like witch and wizard are not ones I want to adopt, I grabbed my thesaurus off the bookshelf (yes an actual book) and found the word “alchemist” and later the word Alchemize came to me!

Alchemize – find the hidden gold and let it shine for all to see.

So it a “nutshell” – I am the Dream Alchemist and I help people & animals to be exceptional.

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