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So you bought yourself a cute puppy – soft, fluffy, mmmmhh that puppy breath!  And – teeth like razors!

Life has changed – no more long lazy Saturday mornings snoozing in bed . Because if you don’t get up and take your four-legged bundle of energy for a walk, the rug, cushion, or pet bed will be destroyed!

Have you ever come home to find your carefully chosen pet bed  closely resembling a snow storm? I made one for my two dogs. Next morning it looked like a cracker of confetti had exploded! There were foam chips EVERYWHERE! And we all know how those get static and stick to everything – INCLUDING the dogs themselves. They looked so happy, tails wagging, tongues lolling!

BUT I was anything but happy! My first reaction was to scold – but they had no idea why I was shouting. They slunk away, heads down and tails between their legs! Mom wasn’t happy.

Our pets, we treat them more like family members that simply walk on four paws, don’t understand our reaction when they come bounding indoors, muddy paws and spittle flying onto out white walls and pristine couch!

Our animals pick up on our emotions, before we even express them. They don’t communicate like we do, so they are emotional sponges, soaking up all our vibes. Good and bad. The frown on your face may be as a result of the traffic, but they don’t know that! So they do what they can to change the frown. It may be jumping on you, the couch or something else that is less than desirable.

So this is where I come in, to act as an interpreter between you and your pet. To help both sides understand what it happening in the non-verbal world of your fur-baby!

And it may not be a behaviour problem. It could be health issues, insecurity, issues with a member of the household suddenly not being there! We understand why Jim is not at home, but his beloved pet probably doesn’t and will often act strangely.

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